Sunday, January 3, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been amazing. AMAZING!

How are we supposed to, like, stop spending all of our time together and do things like work and go to school again?

Then I have to remind myself that the reason we do those not-so-fun things is so we can have those amazing, awesome times. Ugh. It's hard, but we've got to stick with it.

I just need to think of summer. See, that's the BEST part about Dave's job--he gets a 3 month break from work! I don't know if school will be possible in the summer for me, so WHAM! There's more time we'll have together. We just have to endure a few hellish months to get to the awesomeness.

Anyway, here's a recap of what went down the last little while:

Christmas celebrations with our families
Snow...deadly, deadly snow
Dr. Who with my sisters
30 Rock, Haibane, Nutcracker and Fruits Basket marathons!
Played with dreidels
Saw Avatar and New Moon. At least Avatar was good...
Celebrated our 4th anniversary!
Worked on my writing
Video games!
New Year's eve parties
I caught a cold :(
Went out to eat waaaaay too much
Two new rats!
I passed my classes ;)
Visits with family
Relaxing drives
Fun in SLC

Yeah, so as you can see I'm going with a list instead of elaborating on all the wonderful events of life lately.

I hope everyone is doing fine, and may this new year be a great one! I know I've said "no resolutions!" this year, but in truth I have a few goals that I am bent on accomplishing. Good luck to those of you who have goals set for the new's going to be sweet!

(Coming soon: creative projects update)