Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Projects

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for getting creative and crafty! Besides the fun of making Christmas and Thanksgiving crafts, Dave and I also came up with some great ideas for decorating the apartment with cute and inexpensive homemade items.Take, for instance, this star and the pictures surrounding it:

No, this picture was not taken during an earthquake, and our apartment is not slanted :)

Anyway, we were checking out the local craft supply outlet (aka I was pretty much going nuts and buying a bunch of awesome supplies at said outlet) when I found a really huge, cool-looking barn star. It had been made to look rusted and worn, which was neat, but I wanted to paint it to match the that's what I did! As for the surrounding pictures, I cut them out of a calendar of antique crate labels and framed them with dollar store frames. Looks pretty kickin', huh?

Our next project was, oddly enough, inspired by two things: a blank wall space and the pattern on my purse.

After moving our bookshelf, we ended up with a pretty boring blank space on our wall. Instead of buying a painting to go on this wall, I decided that I wanted to decorate it with something Dave and I made. I actually had started to think about the pattern on my purse, and with that inspiration I came up with this:

(this picture was taken in the middle of the project)

Dave and I bought some picture frames on sale, and then went home and drew the design on with pencil. After that, we got painting and had a blast! We each took a canvas and painted over the pencil outline with either red, black or gray paint (to match our living room color scheme). It turned out great, but we are still working on some finishing touches (since we noticed some things were imperfect after putting the paintings on the wall). It was so fun to do that together! I'll post the finished product soon. latest obsession? These stamped-metal necklaces:


I LOVE these pendants! Not only do I want to buy one, but I have this crazy notion that I could start MAKING my own! It looks like supplies for the project would be a little expensive at first, but I'm really excited at the thought of starting! Once I get going, I'll even make one for you if you want! ;)

That's it for today!