Friday, August 31, 2007

Nerdiness, and this week

I am nerdier than 11% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

(Karen's score...maybe Dave will do better? Haha.) Found this on Mike and Jamie's blog, and it was good times.

This week has been a mixture of many things. It didn't start off too great...kind of depressing, for various reasons. And then there's school, which added unneeded stress. Dave thought he had a big paper due yesterday, and so he stayed up late working on it when it wasn't actually due until NEXT week. (hey, at least it's done now.) I've been freaking out for him, because I figured that if that much was expected on the first couple days of school, what about the rest of the semester? Would we ever get time together NOT studying? But it's okay now.

I am taking a few interesting classes. Actually, all of them are. My intention was to take my last math and english classes and be done with my associates THIS semester, but there was one little problem. I went to math and found out my teacher was Polynesian. Nothing wrong with that, but he has an ACCENT and I CAN'T understand what the crap he is saying 1/3 of the time. This would be okay in another class, but not in math. I went the second day, hoping for a miracle. Nope. What was I supposed to do? There was no other math class to switch into-everything was already full. So I made a choice--spring semester, I will take math instead and have that be the semester I finish my degree. It may be the only class I take, but it will be easier on me that way (I have a lot of trouble with math, generally, so taking it as my only class would alleviate stress). Finishing in spring was the original plan anyway, so it's no big deal.

So instead, I am taking 3 non-math classes: Shakespeare, Speed Reading (and studying), and Sociology of the Family. All three should be great...well, the Speed Reading is questionable, but that was just a filler class anyway :) I'm excited about my classes, though.

It's Friday, and I'm so glad this week went fast. It's time for it to end. And as a reward, it's a 3-day weekend! Later.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Update, etc

Updated "Local Stupidity" just now.

We're doing well. School is a major adjustment, though. More later.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Education Week 2007

After Dave left for his mission, I kept telling him (er, writing him) that I wanted to take him to Education Week, which happens every year at a certain university close by (certainly you can guess which :). I have been attending almost every year since I turned 15 or so, and although it has not always been so fun for me (you know teenagers) I have been wanting to go very much the past few years.

Dave missed it the year he came home from the mission by maybe a day, and the next year we were newly married and way too poor to afford it. But this year, even though it looked impossible, we still picked a day and were able to pack as much Education Week goodness into it as possible. Dave and I were both able to get work off, and school didn't start until the next day. We had just one day to make the most of it.

On Tuesday, Dave, Jana and me found ourselves on the crowded campus with hundreds of class options to choose from. We arrived around 10am and didn't go home until nearly 10pm (I meant it when I said that we had to pack everything in). We went to some fun classes, some uplifting classes, and some downright boring classes, but it was a great time and was much enjoyed by all. We ate delicious food, indulged in fudge and those infamous cinnamon bears, and cruised the bookstore. It was a lovely experience, and I defininitely feel like I have been rejuvenated, even if only a little bit.


School started this week. I had forgotten the stress that comes with Fall semester. There are SO many people there, and then there is the craziness of buying textbooks and that last-minute rush to change classes. Stress, stress, stress. And, I find myself with this overwhelming desire to put off or change my math class for various reasons. I dont' know what I'll do. I haven't settled in to all the changes yet, so I guess I need to give things a chance before I freak out. Dave is, of course, transitioning beautifully to the new schedule. Sometime I wonder if anything really worries him. I am flipping out about studying and understanding what I'm trying to learn and having breakdowns right and left, but he manages to succeed in his classes with little effort and minimal studying. He just started his cohort for the Education program, and he is very excited.

As an added bonus for reading this blog entry, here is a camera phone picture of Karen being the Queen of the Ducks.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Farmer's Market Adventure

I recently re-discovered that there is a Farmer's Market that is held in a park only a few miles away from our apartment. Dave and I have been to another one that is like 40 miles away, and it was awesome and huge with tons of selection but it was really crowded and, again, far away.

So since we were out and about the city anyway, we dropped by the market for a few minutes. It was starting to close down for the day, and there were only a few tents still up. I wonder if it is really that small, or if most of the vendors had already left? Still, we found a couple of good stands (although most were for arts and crafts and not produce) and bought a tomato, a new potato (that's what they're called), some apples, and a delicious-smelling vine-ripened cantaloupe. The zucchinni in the picture were from a friend's garden, which means all of that produce was locally grown. I feel proud of myself, because I have been interested in buying more local fruits and vegetables lately. Who knows how far the broccoli I buy at Albertson's has really traveled, and what kind of a toll the necessary transportation has had on the environment and whatnot. Besides--I really like supporting local businesses and farms.

In other news...

Things are a little different now than a week ago. I started a new job that will (hopefully) be quite temporary, since it is a lot like my old job only I actually have to work with people (who are often quite odd) and deal with a more set schedule. I wanted a bigger change than this. It kind of sucks, I can't lie. But is it close by and at least I'm making money.

Also, I am planning on going to at least one day of Education Week at the Y this year. I haven't been able to go for a couple of years, and the experience has always been good when I've been able to attend. Mostly it's just a blast to hang out with my family. Jana should be coming with me, and Dave is likely to come to at least a few classes. So I'm excited.

We are planning on going to a play tonight in Sandy, too--Attie (our awesome friend) had some extra tickets for "Beauty and the Beast" that her family couldn't use (lucky her--she's at the Shakespearian Festival!). It should make for a fun date!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Junk and Swimming

(This is the current view from the front window of our apartment. Notice that the contents of an entire living room set are sitting out there in from of our dumpster. We could freakin' open up our own RC Willey!)

Well, I never claimed that we didn't live in a crappy apartment complex. We are honestly grateful just to be here, but it does come with its own set of issues, one of them being that people who move think it's okay to just leave the stuff they don't want to haul with them in front of the dumpster. That's not allowed--it is stated in the apartment rules--but it happens regularly anyway. The biggest issue is that the garbage people won't take it unless it is IN the dumpster. Most of the stuff in the photo has been there for nearly 2 weeks now.


Dave and I went swimming at a nearby public pool today. I hadn't been to an outdoor public pool for years, and never with Dave (other than the rec center or at Larissa's apartment). This was a full-blown, huge pool with waterslides, diving boards, kiddie play areas, and yes--one of those giant water mushrooms.

(this is a picture of the pool from their website)

This particular pool even had a "lazy river" area where there was a current that would take you around in circles. We had a BLAST together and would have stayed longer if the weather hadn't gotten scary. When the wind blows and you're standing in line for the slide, it is FREEZING against your wet skin, hair and bathing suit.


By the way, I have changed the settings so that now anyone can comment, even if they don't have an account. No, this isn't a plea for comments, I'm just letting you know in case you wanted to and had trouble.


Friday, August 10, 2007

End of Summer Semester

Whew! Summer semester is always a little stressful simply because the classes are squished to fit into a shorter amount of time. This means longer class periods and more homework with less time than normal to finish assignments. BUT... Dave and I just completed our summer classes, and I'm pleased to say we did quite well. Heck, I even got an "A" on the world's most BS'D 5-page essay.

We will both be attending this fall. Dave will be starting his teaching cohort, and I will be (slowly but surely) finishing my English Associates. I can't lie and say that I feel as accomplished about my academic progress as Dave must feel about his, but at least I've worked hard and will have proof that I competed some college with a paper in my hand that says I did it. I am still trying to decide what I may want to get a Bachelors degree in. I mean, I'd say English, but I'm not crazy about writing papers and I don't think it is a degree that will get me far when it comes to a career.

Anyway, the two of us will be invovled in school and working part-time. Dave will remain at Woodcraft, and I am pleased to say that, after over a year working there, I am finally leaving Westmore School. I have a couple of job prospects, and hopefully the job I get doesn't include cleaning (which isn't really so bad, just mind-numbingly boring), but what can you do? :) I have been wanting a change for months now and at last the change is here! Whatever it is, I'll be happy.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yesterday, and a new toy

(apple tree...I really wanted to pick that apple and eat it, not photograph it, but...)

(Dave and little Ves, looking so darn cut!)

Dave's parents are up at the family cabin, and a few of the kids came over to the house and had dinner and stuff. Dave made home-made pizza and all was fun. Too bad we never got to that Poker game, or Settlers of Catan.

(Whitney. This is a glamour shot of her.)


At the school where I work, there is a ton of surplus stuff that teachers don't want. Most of the time, these items go to away to the district's surplus if no one at the school wants them. I image it to be a giant warehouse or something like that. But there was an old autoharp amongst the stuff and I have wanted one of these instruments for years. I am not a musical person, but part of me believed that I would indeed be willing to learn how to play if I could get my hands on one.

Well, the principal let me take it, even though the autoharp technically should be accounted for and given back to surplus. But seriously, it has been around so long, who is still keeping track of it?! I'm so surprised that I ended up with this--they can be pretty expensive (although the old one I got probably isn't worth too much).

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dave's Birthday: The Sequel

Last night, we went to Dave's parents' house so we could celebrate Dave's birthday with his family. We had to drive through a blinding downpour to get there, but, dang it, it was worth it! It was great--along with Dave's Mom and Dad, Dan and Jenny were there, and Kathy and Jimmy Jr. too. Oh, and Whitney, of course :)

(Doesn't he look good with a baby? ;) )

We enjoyed dinner, then had cake and ice cream for dessert. It was, of course, cherry chip cake with chocolate frosting--a family tradition! You know, 23 candles are pretty hazardous all on one little cake...

(Thanks for walking the cake over to the table, Dan!)

Dave and Kathy (I had loads of trouble getting the camera to focus yesterday...).

Dan gave Dave an Optimus Prime Transformers toy! Dave finds it quite entertaining indeed.

And, Dave was given the game "Settlers of Catan" from his parents. This game is some serious fun. We became addicted to it when some people from our old ward indroduced it to us, and for over a year we've been wishing we could get it. Yay!

Thanks everyone for making Dave's birthday so freaking wonderful this year!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Movies Blog

I created a blog especially for movies we have seen together. It's just little reviews and reactions and such, just a place to keep track. (Movies Blog)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dave's Birthday!


(Dave with his birthday loot!)

Today was the anniversary of Dave's glorious birth. I tried and tried to think of something cool I could do for him, and it occured to me that I haven't really ever thrown a surprise party for anyone. At least, not one that was my idea.

I set it up at my sister's apartment, since there would be no real way for me to pull it off at our place. He suspected nothing. I said we were going to her apartment so he could open a present from her, and SURPRISE! My two sisters and bro in law were there with decorations and a birthday cake.

It was sort of tough to get the whole thing organized but it was well worth it. Dave was so happy and felt very loved. It was a very happy day for him. We ate cake and treats and he opened some gifts (candy, a picture, index cards [lol], and a new shirt to name a few).

We talked and snacked, and then we watched a movie. It was called "Manos": The Hands of Fate, and is known to be one of the worst movies ever made. It is very deserving of the honor, too. Dave and I had seen it before, but my little sister had somehow managed to avoid seeing it. We ammended that little problem :) She will never again be the same...

So pretty much it was great and lots of fun and laughs, and tomorrow we get to go to his parents' house and celebrate his birthday again!

"I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the master is away..."