Monday, December 6, 2010

Update in Photos

Zoo (late summer)

Gingerbread houses (Thanksgiving break)

Put up the tree

Festival of Trees (early December)
Utah State Fair (September)

Thanksgiving Day, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beauty Picks of the Moment

Okay. I realize that I'm not what you'd call "glamorous" or anything--I'm just pretty normal, really. But I do (surprise!) like to look good. It's been a battle over the years when it comes to trying various beauty products and either liking or hating them (but so rarely loving them) and when something really, truly works, it's time to celebrate! Or, at least, it's time to give these products some serious recognition.

I go for a low-maintainace beauty routine. I spend my share of time in front of the bathroom mirror, for sure, but I'm not the kind of girl to primp and paint for an hour every morning. 20 or 30 minutes, and I want to be done and out the door. So I'm always looking for easy ways to improve my routine, and I think a lot of ladies out there feel the same.

So here are a few of the products I've tried and loved in the past few months. They definitely deserve a try if you're looking for something new (and easy!) to make your morning routine easier.

1.) Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. This stuff is SO amazing, and I'll tell you why: pencil liner just isn't heavy-duty enough to last, and liquid liner is not forgiving enough. When I try to use a pencil, it can be like I'm carving into my skin since I have to push so hard just to make it show up. Plus, it's usually faded in a few hours. Liquid liner is better, but it can have a mind of its own. And...have you ever tried to apply this stuff if your hand is even just SLIGHTLY shaky? It's everywhere! It's not very easy to get off, either, if you DO mess up.

Enter gel eyeliner--a happy medium between pencil and liquid. It's easy to control like a pencil, but bold like liquid liner. It's SO EASY to apply with the included brush, and it's difficult to mess it up, no matter how clumsy/shaky/clueless you might be with makeup (me!).
2.) Covergirl Outlast Lipstain. I hate lipstick. HATE! So much. I mean, it's gone after an hour or so, a casualty of drinking/eating/licking my lips/whatever. And it's sticky and gross and it comes off on everything. Lipstick and me, we just don't get along.

That's why I tried this stuff--lip STAIN. What is lipstain, you ask? Imagine a really expensive crayola marker that you use to color your lips, and you've basically got the idea. This stuff is easy to use, it looks natural, and you won't lick it off in ten minutes. It's certainly not doesn't last all day or anything. But it's perfect for people who hate feeling a sticky layer on their lips and would prefer a very thin lip covering that won't come off on anything.

3.) Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream. How do you feel about frizzy hair? Not a fan? Thought so. Neither am I, but I've fought with it for, like, my whole life. I don't mean that my hair poofs into an afro, but when I want it straight, little hairs tend to rebel and curl in a most hideous way. No hairspray or flatiron can tame those menace strands.

Oh, leave-in conditioner--why have I shunned you for so long? If I'd realized that THIS would be the solution, I wouldn't have snubbed it over and over again! I wasted my time on sprays and shampoos that just couldn't cut it. But THIS works!

When my hair is still damp, I just work a blob of this stuff in, then style as usual. No, it's not a match for 100% humidity, but on a normal day when my hair would start getting frizzy, this stuff helps a lot. My hair is sleeker and more manageable.

4.) Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. If I had to pick one favorite beauty product, this would be it. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Many hair experts tell you to wash your hair every other day. WTF? My hair is just GROSS on the second day. I've always been a "wash my hair everyday" kind of girl, even though it sucked more time from my day. I've tried dry shampoo before, but without much luck--its weird smell and high price forced me to step back.

But this stuff? AWESOME. You don't have to wash your hair in the shower on the second day. Just shake, spray, wait a minute, then brush it out. Oil? Gone. Odor? Gone. Guilt over buying expensive hair products? Gone (this stuff if cheap!). And as a plus, it adds body to your hair! Some days, I don't even need to style my hair after using this, just a quick brush and I'm good to go. It seriously saves me like 20 minutes on my routine. Love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Playing Catch-up (in pictures)

Memorial day. I made these decorations to stick in the grass by the graves of my grandparents.
Close-up of the decorations.
 Memorial day.
Dave finished this puzzle on his own...except for the 3 pieces I helped with :)
The garden that I helped my mom plant.
This is too amusing...
Fish at Cabela's!
Cascade Springs!

Yay for Summer!

The great outdoors! Good food! Family and friends! Hobbies! time!

I am in love with summer. We're having an awesome time, and the best is yet to come! We are excited to do some traveling and also explore some more local destinations that we've never been to before.

We've both been hard at work on our hobbies and spending some time outside (hopefully more, now that the weather's a bit nicer).

Here's what I've been working on:

I love, love, LOVE making jewelry! Ever since I got my stamping kit, I've been going crazy with different jewelry designs and styles. I'm hopefully going to sell some, but we'll see. If you are interested, I can hook you up ;)

But anyway, things are great! I'll let you know when something a little more interesting happens...or maybe I'll post some pictures to kinda catch up on here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New stuff!

Yay, new toys!

I am FINALLY getting my metal stamped jewelry kit! Hurray! I am way too excited about starting a new jewelry-making hobby :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life... great!

Summer vacation begins in less than two weeks. As soon as next Friday arrives, Dave and I will be free. FREE!!! Free to spend time together and start the summer fun!

We've been looking forward to this summer break, and I think we've both earned it. I've been schoolin' full time and workin' part time, and Dave's been busy as ever teaching. It was be awesome to have a break from things. We plan to take several trips, go on hikes and outdoor adventures, and work on projects that are important to us. For example, I really want to finish writing a novel by the end of the summer. It's going to be tough, but it's something I really, truly want to accomplish. I know that Dave really wants to hike to the top of several peaks in the area, and he's getting ready to take that on.

So there you have it.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hi guys! Just popping by my good old blog to say hello! One day I was just like, "oh yeah, I have a blog!" So I checked, and yeah, it's still here. Even after like a bazillion years.

I'll be back soon with more.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Projects

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for getting creative and crafty! Besides the fun of making Christmas and Thanksgiving crafts, Dave and I also came up with some great ideas for decorating the apartment with cute and inexpensive homemade items.Take, for instance, this star and the pictures surrounding it:

No, this picture was not taken during an earthquake, and our apartment is not slanted :)

Anyway, we were checking out the local craft supply outlet (aka I was pretty much going nuts and buying a bunch of awesome supplies at said outlet) when I found a really huge, cool-looking barn star. It had been made to look rusted and worn, which was neat, but I wanted to paint it to match the that's what I did! As for the surrounding pictures, I cut them out of a calendar of antique crate labels and framed them with dollar store frames. Looks pretty kickin', huh?

Our next project was, oddly enough, inspired by two things: a blank wall space and the pattern on my purse.

After moving our bookshelf, we ended up with a pretty boring blank space on our wall. Instead of buying a painting to go on this wall, I decided that I wanted to decorate it with something Dave and I made. I actually had started to think about the pattern on my purse, and with that inspiration I came up with this:

(this picture was taken in the middle of the project)

Dave and I bought some picture frames on sale, and then went home and drew the design on with pencil. After that, we got painting and had a blast! We each took a canvas and painted over the pencil outline with either red, black or gray paint (to match our living room color scheme). It turned out great, but we are still working on some finishing touches (since we noticed some things were imperfect after putting the paintings on the wall). It was so fun to do that together! I'll post the finished product soon. latest obsession? These stamped-metal necklaces:


I LOVE these pendants! Not only do I want to buy one, but I have this crazy notion that I could start MAKING my own! It looks like supplies for the project would be a little expensive at first, but I'm really excited at the thought of starting! Once I get going, I'll even make one for you if you want! ;)

That's it for today!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been amazing. AMAZING!

How are we supposed to, like, stop spending all of our time together and do things like work and go to school again?

Then I have to remind myself that the reason we do those not-so-fun things is so we can have those amazing, awesome times. Ugh. It's hard, but we've got to stick with it.

I just need to think of summer. See, that's the BEST part about Dave's job--he gets a 3 month break from work! I don't know if school will be possible in the summer for me, so WHAM! There's more time we'll have together. We just have to endure a few hellish months to get to the awesomeness.

Anyway, here's a recap of what went down the last little while:

Christmas celebrations with our families
Snow...deadly, deadly snow
Dr. Who with my sisters
30 Rock, Haibane, Nutcracker and Fruits Basket marathons!
Played with dreidels
Saw Avatar and New Moon. At least Avatar was good...
Celebrated our 4th anniversary!
Worked on my writing
Video games!
New Year's eve parties
I caught a cold :(
Went out to eat waaaaay too much
Two new rats!
I passed my classes ;)
Visits with family
Relaxing drives
Fun in SLC

Yeah, so as you can see I'm going with a list instead of elaborating on all the wonderful events of life lately.

I hope everyone is doing fine, and may this new year be a great one! I know I've said "no resolutions!" this year, but in truth I have a few goals that I am bent on accomplishing. Good luck to those of you who have goals set for the new's going to be sweet!

(Coming soon: creative projects update)