Thursday, January 20, 2011

end of one road, start of another

I just began my final semester of school, in which I am taking two poetry classes. One is advanced poetry, where I'll be writing. The other is a literature class, so I'll be reading tons of poetry and occasionally writing about it.

I can't believe I've come this far. Yes, it took me a LONG time, much longer than it probably should have. But here I am! After years of balancing family, work, and school, I'm almost done with my education.

It's bizarre to consider that I won't be in school soon. I won't be a student. That may seem like no big thing, but that's how I've identified myself since i was like 6 years old, all the way until now. And soon, I will be entering a new part of my life.

So just what do I intend to do? A lot is still blurry. For an English graduate, it's not 100% clear what you'll do (at least not for me). I don't know for certain where I'll end up and just what I'll be doing, but that's my next step: to find a job where i can use my skills. We will see this spring what's out there.

I know it's taken me a long time to get here, and my journey didn't always have specific direction. Sometimes I wish I could have just KNOWN in the beginning that English was my path, so I could have rushed my way through it and I'd be long done by now. But you know what? It's okay. There are reasons, sometimes, to take the longer road. There are things to learn on the way, and I have learned a LOT.

"If I had known the real way it was,
I would have stopped all the looking around."

But that knowing depends
on the time spent looking!



Anonymous said...

congratulations! look my site:

Jamie said...

I loved what you said here: "There are reasons, sometimes, to take the longer road. There are things to learn on the way, and I have learned a LOT." I agree with you. I'm glad that you have that kind of perspective. And I'm super excited about you graduating soon! Congratulations!

Chandelle said...

I can't believe you're about to graduate! You have worked so hard. I've been impressed with your focus and determination. It can be so difficult to decide what to do with your life. And I know what you mean about identifying as a student. It's hard to imagine any other designation. But soon you'll find work you love and get to put this stuff to use! <3

Lil Miss Muffet said...

Congratulations ! on graduating !

"To every man..
There openeth a way !
And ways !
And the high soul..
Climbs the high way !"

Anonymous said...

Certainly quality & appreciation factor in here! Thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of your world through your eyes! See you around!

Discover Yourself said...

You have come far! College is a difficult place to be, and very inspiring. I think it is great that you were able to get to the point you are at. I am looking forward to my experience at college, congratulations again!

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Sunday's Child said...

Congrats! I am Sophomore undergraduate English Major! I hope you find something that you love to do with your degree! Check out my blog!

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