Tuesday, July 1, 2008

101 Things about Karen

I've seen this on several blogs lately and have decided to do it myself.

101 Things About Me

1.) I've been wearing contacts since 8th grade, and I think that was a big turning point in my life. My glasses no longer took over my face, and I felt like a new person from then on.
2.) Soda tends to make me feel sick, but I still like to drink it... I try not to so much, though.
3.) I'm very scared of insects, but mostly the ones with a lot of legs.
4.) My favorite food is pizza, preferably with LOADS of veggies on it.
5.) I grew up listening to oldies, and The Beatles have been my favorite band since I was 12. I used to have posters of them all over my room and I collected any Beatles-related stuff I could find.
6.) In 5th grade through Jr. High, I was really into dolphins.
7.) Because of #6, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer or a marine biologist back then.
8.) I started writing when I was pretty young, like grade-school.
9.) I won a prize in a poetry contest when I was in 5th grade and was asked to read my poem in front of the entire school. Surprise! the poem was about a dolphin. I didn't get first place, though--these braniac twin sisters both did better than me. I was a little jealous, if you can't tell.
10.) My elbows used to be really, really dry when I was a kid.
11.) I used lick my nose all the time in kindergarten. Pretty sure I had some kind of OCD problem...I still do repetitive things sometimes, just not so weird as that.
12.) The Simpsons is probably my favorite show ever. When it was new, my family would watch it together. Later on, I'd stay up late enough to watch it during my school days, and then go to bed.
13.) I liked MASH a lot in high school...so much, that I'd tape it in the morning and watch it as soon as I got home from school.
14.) My first celebrity crush was Mario. Like, from the video game. But give me a break--I was in first grade!
15.) I have never broken a bone.
16.) I've never liked sports very much. I dreaded going to PE most of the time because I wasn't very good at sports.
17.) I was on the swim team and the diving team (does that count as a sport?).
18.) I love thrift stores (but not the dirty feeling you get after spending time in one).
19.) I have worn corrective lenses ever since I was a toddler.
20.) I can't go more than a couple hours without feeling hungry--my body is programmed to snack.
21.) I was born in Seattle, WA. Maybe that's why I love the rain!
22.) Living in the suburbs near Seattle, my best friends were two boys who my sister and I would play with in the forest. They weren't allowed to watch tv, and I always thought that was strange. 23.) I used to collect baseball cards.
24.) My friends and I used to play with Hot wheels cars at recess.
25.) I was a pretty pudgy kid starting around 3rd grade. I finally slimmed down when I became a teenager.
26.) One day, around age 7, I wanted to see how mad I could make my mom, so I took the huge American flag my parents had for Cub Scouts out of the corner and spread it out on the floor. I called my mom into the room and then proceeded to do cartwheels on the flag. Turns out my mom could get pretty mad!
27.) I have asthma.
28.) My favorite color is burgundy or dark red.
29.) I played with My Little Ponies and Barbies growing up--they were my favorite toys.
30.) I love shopping for clothes and could do it for hours and hours.
31.) I would rather be too hot than too cold.
32.) I love Monopoly.
33.) I do not like snow or snow sports. Sometimes it's nice to look at through a window...as long as I'm not in it.
34.) My first car was a 1988 Honda Accord named "Lugnut." That car had a real personality. I miss it sometimes!
35.) When I'm sad I go shopping as therapy.
36.) I love the ocean.
37.) I am afraid of the sound of a balloon popping.
38.) I met my husband at high school at a dance where we were both with different people.
39.) I used to take piano lessons, but I quit after 2 years because I hated it. You know, I don't really regret it, either.
40.) I was in the audience for "The Price is Right" shortly before Bob Barker retired.
41.) My big dream right now is to publish a book.
42.) I kind of want to be a famous author...but not all the time.
43.) I find organizing to be fun.
44.) I'm really shy around new people in large groups. I do have some social anxiety, so I probably come across as kind of anti-social sometimes, but I swear I'm not trying to be rude!
45.) My family has never had a dog--we've always owned cats and various small critters.
46.) As soon as we get a house, the first thing Dave and I are doing is getting a puppy :)
47.) I've been on the floor at a concert once...and it was indescribably a m a z i n g !
48.) I like to create home-made cards.
49.) I suck at most "domestic" arts, like sewing and cooking elaborate meals.
50.) I do love crafts, though!
51.) In July, I'll finally have my long-drawn-out AS in English!
52.) I didn't want to go to college but my parents insisted that I go right after high school. I'm so glad they did--more for the experiences than anything.
53.) I'm still best friends with my best friend from high school.
54.) I'm scared of children (more specifically, ones I don't know).
55.) I like some video games, like Final Fantasy and Zelda. This might make me a nerd...
56.) Mostly I like games you can play with your friends, though.
57.) My husband and I have played Mario Kart 64 together just about every day for the past 2 months...or more.
58.) I love to go for walks with Dave.
59.) I love to be right, but I don't always HAVE to be right.
60.) I may be the middle child, but I think I'm the most spoiled.
61.) I like cows.
62.) I like to mix cereals.
63.) I don't like to drink milk anymore.
64.) I like babies but don't really know anything about them. I've never changed a diaper.
65.) I once kept a garter snake as a pet...I loved that little guy! He'd weave between my fingers and stick his little tongue out. I was devastated to find him dead one day with no obvious reason. Since then, I decided never to keep a pet I found in the wild. I hate the idea of taking them out of their natural world and forcing them to live in a small space just because I want to look at them.
66.) I hate to eat food that is old. Like, 2 days is usually my limit for leftovers.
67.) I am drawn to old and abandoned buildings. I've explored a couple but have this unsafe desire to go inside more of them.
68.) I'm not the fastest learner because my mind gets so easily distracted. It wanders when I should be paying attention.
69.) I like pet rats.
70.) I love water and have a constant desire to play in every stream or river I see.
71.) Even though I look angry most of the time, I promise I'm not--that's just my neutral face.
72.) My feelings are easily hurt. I often take things people say the wrong way.
73.) I actually like some anime...but very little.
74.) I need to feel loved and accepted.
75.) I almost never eat meat products, but I don't really like to call myself "vegetarian." I guess I don't like the label. I am who I am, that's all.
76.) I am usually worrying about something.
77.) It freaks me out to put my face right under the shower head.
78.) I bite my nails when I'm nervous. When I start, Dave always turns to me and asks what's wrong.
79.) I also have an annoying habit of wiggling my leg when tense.
80.) I'm kind of scared of horses, but I still love them and think they are beautiful.
81.) I like the smell of bacon.
82.) I am afraid of messing up.
83.) I'm scared people are always judging me, even though I know that, realistically, people probably don't care.
84.) I rarely admit it, but sometimes, I can see the beauty in myself.
85.) "American Idol" annoys me.
86.) I am afraid of offending people or hurting their feelings.
87.) I wanted to grow up to be a princess or a mermaid.
88.) I think I am pretty accepting of people and their choices in life. I would hope they would be accepting of me, too.
89.) Laughter, to me, really is the best medicine. I love how Dave can lift my mood just by saying something funny or random.
90.) I'm an English Major, but the idea of that doesn't seem like ME. I guess I really hate labels...
91.) I have a pretty bad memory, but I tend to remember strange details that most people forget instead of the obvious things.
92.) It bothers me to have to sleep away from home. I just have too many things involved in getting ready for bed. I hate packing up my crap to take somewhere else, hoping I didn't forget anything. Sometimes I'd try to get out of sleepovers when I was younger because I just didn't want to deal with the hassle.
93.) I hate the idea of relying on medication. This makes having asthma even worse for me.
94.) I'm afraid to be a parent.
95.) I don't believe in the idea of a "soul-mate" necessarily, but I can't imagine finding anyone more perfect for me than Dave.
96.) I have been "in love" with several guys, but have had very few actual relationships.
97.) I automatically judge the intelligence of people based on how well they can use punctuation when they write, especially if they don't use ANY. And yes, I acknowledge that I myself and not perfect with it all the time.
98.) I am not a fan of mayonnaise. You put it on my sandwich, I'm not eating it. Simple as that.
99.) It is completely astounding to me that I found someone who was able to deal with my issues and want to MARRY me despite them.
100.) Although this list is overflowing with much negativity, I am a generally happy person and want to be optimistic most of the time.
101.) It has taken me over a week to finish compiling this list.


Kenna said...

Wow. That is quite a list. I can relate to, I forget what number now, it was down in the 80's or 90's, how you don't like to rely on medicine. I take 7 different pills to keep myself alive. I loathe it.

(chandelle) said...

hooray! i love it when people do stuff like this. i think you and i are alike in being somewhat anxious people who are socially awkward. i only learned about your retail therapy recently and it still surprises me because you just don't seem like someone who would like to shop, somehow. i actually do like to shop for clothes in a limited capacity, but i hate shopping for anything else. i get panicky when i have to spend money. i laughed at your description of doing cartwheels on the flag. kids are so weird sometimes. :) and i hope that my intelligence doesn't seem pretty low since i don't use capital letters. :) it's an affectation, donchaknow? i feel ya on not liking the label of vegetarian. i vacillate on the issue quite a lot, but i generally don't like to be called a vegan anymore. it was an important part of my identity for a long time but now it feels like a restriction i don't want. anyway, i connected with most of your list and i wish i was half as cool as you!

Larissa said...

tsk tsk! you say we never had a dog but have you forgotten our rental dog? I know that thing probably hardly counts as a dog but it was quite an adventure!

I think I'll start compiling one of these lists for myself. We'll see how long it takes me. =)

Jamie said...

i'm happy you made a list too! i was hoping you would. so here are my comments:
2.) soda makes me feel sick too, especially diet soda (or diet anything for that matter.)
20.) me neither!
39.) i envy you b/c i always wanted to take piano lessons, but could never afford them!
40.) i'm glad you got to be there before Bob retired.
43.) wow, i thought i was the only one.
51.) congrats!
57.) i love mariokart too. i wish we had that game. before we moved, mike and i would play dr. mario every night before going to bed. are you guys really competitive when you play?
64.) you always did a great job watching after Vess!
72.) me too. i'm trying to get over it though.
81.) that seems odd for someone who doesn't like to eat meat. i should buy you a bacon scented candle!
88.) i think you are too, and i appreciate it!
78.) i can totally relate.
93.) yeah, that really sucks.

well, i could comment on more, but overall i think i learned so much about you that i didn't know before. you are an interesting broad, i'll give you that. i also think i can relate to you on several of the things you posted, which is kind of nice. :)