Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend of Celebrating!

Hey! Time for an update, or at least something more than a shameless promotion of my new favorite restaurant. I mean, come on!

Friday was the 4th of July. I had really wanted to go to a parade. Yes, you may be thinking that parades are stupid but I can't help it--I still enjoy them, and I really wanted to celebrate the 4th somehow. But I wasn't thinking when I stayed up late the night before. We slept in through most of the parade, but I really wanted to go out anyway so Dave and I went to this Freedom Festival thing they were doing.

Downtown was obscenely crowded and it felt like an armpit as we wound through various food and souvenir stands. We didn't actually buy anything, we just looked around and tried to enjoy the festive atmosphere. It was kind of fun but we decided after a short time that we were ready to go home for lunch.

That night, we went to watch fireworks in P.G. They were okay, but we kinda got there a few minutes late and ended up parking right behind a street light. D'oh. That night Dave went to hang out at a b-day party for a friend for a while, but I was too tired to go.

On Saturday, we did our shopping and errands for the week. The best part was my best friend's birthday party that night. We had an awesome time eating and hanging out with friends and family and watching presents get opened. We had such a good time! Oh boy, that food was sooo good, and there was so much of it!

Sunday, we went on a hike up the canyon a little ways. We stopped to eat at a park and fed some squirrels. You'd be surprised how many there are up there, and they watchyou while you eat and come over when they feel comfortable enough. They were adorable! I wonder if we were spoiling them by giving them food, but I guess they've become used to it, living in a park and all. Later we watched a movie at home and relaxed.

Hmm, turned out to be a pretty boring post. Sorry! :)

(Pictures to come soon)

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Jamie said...

it wasn't a boring post! at least you don't whine and complain about your life like some people. :)
i think parades are a lot more enjoyable when you're a kid, especially when they throw candy and other crap at you. being a band geek, i always had to be IN my hometown parade. fun fun for everyone... but it sounds like you guys at least got out and did some amusing activities, like feed the squirrels and go to birthday parties!