Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Photoshoot

(The water here was so could see everything on the bottom)

(WHAT a babe!)

(Apparently, we ended up at the park where the Heber Valley Railroad begins)

(Dave chucking a stick in the water. Looks like the Caber toss!)

(Your cliche railroad track photo)

(Dave climbed up a rock wall a bit and then proceeded to look cute as he posed for a photo)

(Dave actually had to help boost me up onto this boulder)

We took a little walk in the mountains and shot some pictures. It was a beautiful, warm day.


Chandelle said...

Whoa! Diggin' the beard, Dave. :) Great photos, too.

Jamie said...

i like cliche railroad track photos. :) i also like the one with dave and the fence. nice fall shots!