Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We are right on the edge of something amazing.

You know how, in many marriages, the couple starts out with goals? And then there is usually one big goal that is what will make just about everything else in their life plans possible?

We are moving into a new stage of our lives.

We're still in transition. It's not like the hard times are over, but the end is in sight and we are pushing through to get there. In fact, this might turn out the be the hardest part of the journey. But we're so close, and we know we can do it!
We are really excited to be at this point in our lives together. So many dreams are going to be possible for us soon!
It's good to be alive.


Jamie said...

You know what? That was an awesome post. I am really happy for you and Dave! It's so nice that you can see some great things coming in the near future. Like you said, this might be the hardest part, but you will get through it. Just remember to have patience with each other and stay close to each other through the transition. Although, I have zero doubts that you guys will struggle with that at all. :) It really is good to be alive, isn't it!

Chandelle said...

Karen, my comment's too long, so I'm just going to send you an email.