Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Things were too comfortable for us for too long, I guess, so a huge shuffle in our lives makes sense enough.

First, I must express how amazingly awesome the holiday break was for Dave and me. We were able to just relax and spend a lot of time with family and friends. I am really missing that break from school and work.

But as things tend to be, the vacation was only temporary :( This semester, things are kind of crazy. Both of us are in school again, with new classes. Dave is taking his block of education classes (I couldn't name them all...there are, like, 10 of them) and I am taking 2 classes myself, Quantitative Reasoning and Creative Writing. This math class is the final class required for my Associates degree, so I am expecting (assuming all goes well, aka, I don't fail) to "graduate" with an AS in English after this semester! I won't be done, though. I'm going on to get my Bachelors after that. But you know...it's still kind of cool to say I'm graduating ;)

But the reason I am only taking 2 classes is because I have started a new job. I work in the shipping department of an internet computer-parts company. It took a few days to get into it, but now I like it there. I have more hours than my last job and get paid a LOT more. It took me a while to get over missing my last job, though. I really liked the people there, and the work was so easy that I never had to worry about anything. But change is good. This new job will really make a difference for us. Dave will continue to work in the Testing Center, which he really enjoys, but he won't have to work many hours because of my job. This should help him focus on his schoolwork.

Basically, all of this means that we won't have as much time together. I know--whine, whine, whine. Most couples don't get to see each other as much as they would like. But the fact remains that it sucks. All of these changes--school starting again, new classes, new job, different schedules--are hard to adjust to but I suppose they are all worth adjusting to. Still, we will be keeping very busy this semester, so everyone will probably be seeing a lot less of us.

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(chandelle) said...

how can we possibly see less of you than we already do? :(

i'm glad you guys miss each other. i feel sorry for people who spend a lot of time away from each other and don't seem to care. (especially when those people assume YOU shouldn't care either and burden you with lots of extraneous, pointless time at work that has nothing to do with your job...not that i'm talking about anything specific or anything.)