Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Incredibly exciting UPDATE time!

We've been without the internet for more than a week, so in case you were wondering that is why I fell off the face of the internet-earth for the past little while.

It's still winter. I have the hope that because it is almost not January anymore, it will be spring time. I know, that's being a little too hopeful. But I am so ready to be rid of the snow and ice. Yesterday was so warm and bright until the storm rolled in, causing a chaos of ice and snow. Where is my warm sun? Where are the happy birds and flowers of spring?

Okay. School. It's going pretty well. Dave has like 10 education classes as usual, which I can scarcely relate to since I have a lowly two this semester. But he enjoys them, and he doesn't have the burden of holding the main "breadwinning" job in our family anymore, giving him more time to focus on studying. In fact, his current job is so laid back that he can do reading and homework DURING work sometimes, a luxury I could only dream of.

I am doing better than could be expected in math (which isn't saying a whole lot) so I am thinking I can handle the class and pass it. That means I have to apply for graduation. If that works out, I'll be a college graduate this spring...even if it is only an associates degree. I am also taking a Creative Writing class, which is thus far disappointing. The professor is just not compatible with me somehow. Plus the class seems too easy, like a high school course. Regardless, I like the class because it adds little stress to my life while still building up credits toward my future Bachelors degree.

My job has been working out well. I enjoy working there most of the time. The worst thing about it is this fear I have of something happening to take it away from me. Doesn't make sense...It's just that I'm afraid it's too good to be true. It's not that the work itself is extremely rewarding or anything, but I mean it is so perfect for our current situation. The money, the location, the type of work...it is perfect. It's a good company. I worry that somehow it won't work out, because when things are too good to be true they can't last. Man, what a stupid thing to ramble about. But I'm grateful for this job because it allows me to take the bulk of financial responsibility for our family while still being able to go to school, and it works with our schedules.

Oh, and one more thing. The toads! Yes, I said toads. We got another one so the first wouldn't be lonely :) Their names are Edgar and Squall, and they are remarkably entertaining considering the fact that most of what they do involves sitting on a rock and doing nothing. We love them!

(This is Edgar, who is very fat, struggling to climb up the waterfall.)

(Our beloved and handsome Squall, loafing around on a rock.)

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(chandelle) said...

wow, squall is really beautiful.

i can't believe you're going to graduate! rock on!

i totally know what you mean about being afraid to lose such a great job. my job is friggin' amazing but i'm so afraid something is going to happen. i heard a while ago that my boss hired an intern and my blood froze. then she had a nervous breakdown and i was like, YESSS!! :) he also had open-heart surgery last month and, ya know, i was worried about the guy, but also about me. (i'm incredibly selfish too.) the guy is like 75 years old. what am i going to do if he keels over?