Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It comes down to this: I absolutely love our new toad!
I think I have been pet-less for too long, because I am kind of freaking out about the toad. He is so cool! I love staring into the tank and watching him, even if he's just sitting there--his little throat moves and he's too adorable! I've even come to enjoy feeding him, because it's so fun to watch him eat. You put a cricket in the tank, and as soon as the toad sees it, that thing is TOAST in a fraction of a second. He's a very sharp little toad indeed. Sadly, if he isn't paying attention, the cricket will have the chance to leap into the water and drown its stupid self, at which point the toad will have nothing to do with it. Alas. I'm thinking we'll try feeding him meal- or wax-worms too, just because they would be less stressful than crickets to feed to the toad.

Still not sure what to name him... I don't even know if, it is male or female.

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kathy said...

You should name it prince humperdink!
it's so cute. congratulations on your new pet!!!!!