Friday, May 8, 2009


Last Friday was a really big day: Dave is now officially a college grad! It was really exciting to attend both commencement ceremonies (one for the School of Education and another for the whole university). Here are some pictures from the day:

Me, Mom and Dad at the School of Education Commencement.

The big commencement. This is when the graduates were walking.

Dave and his parents.

Dave and his mom. She also graduated that day (from a different school), so they got to celebrate together!

Me, my sister Larissa, and Dave after the first ceremony.

Dave, looking slightly confused but still adorable.

Me chillin' after the commencements. Congrats, Dave!

Dave and me with mortarboards. I also graduated with an AS in English, but I didn't walk in the commencement--I am waiting for my BS. But Dave's mom let me borrow her hat for a few minutes :)

It was such a fantastic day and we want to thank everyone who came! We also want to thank everyone who helped Dave achieve the dream of getting his degree! We love you all.


Sheltielady said...

oh yeah, that was a sweet day for sure!
Thanks for the pics :D


Jamie said...

Okay, first and foremost, congratulations to Dave. That is a big achievement! We're so proud of both of you (c'mon an AS is important too!)
Secondly, love the pictures. Mom and Dave look great in their little commencement attire.
Thirdly, I love your hair. I think that cut looks hot on you!