Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keane Concert 5.12.09

Tuesday was a magnificent day. I got to see my favorite band live, singing to me only a few feet from where I stood. It was a beautiful thing.

The band was Keane (which surprisingly few people I know have actually heard of), and the night was amazing. My sisters and Dave came along (all of us like the band) and basked in the sweetness of their music as we partied into the night at Kingsbury Hall. Our seats were pretty near the back, but after the band came onstage we all rushed down to the front to get as close as possible. From where we were, we could see the lead singer (Tom Chaplin) really well, and he actually tended to hang out on our side of the stage the most (lucky us!).

My sisters. We're on our way to the show! Jana is enjoying a Dum Dum.

Heading for Kingsbury Hall. I'm getting my cell phone ready for the concert (I took some pictures with my phone, but most of them are crap).

Okay. So this is a video of part of the concert. I didn't take this--I found it on youtube. But it gives you an idea of what it was like to be there :)

After the concert, we were all full of energy but starving, so we stopped at IHOP. It was terrific. Dave thought it would be funny to pose for this picture. Ew!

More IHOP post-concert FUN!

So after the first opening act finished, we started to talk to this couple sitting behind us. They had actually been able to go to a meet-and-greet with the band, and had ended up with 2 signed pictures. I talked to them about the band for a few minutes, and they VERY kindly gave me one of the pictures! I was ridiculously excited--what nice people! I am a very, very lucky girl.

I love concerts! :)

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Jamie said...

Amen. Concerts kick bootay. I gotta admit, Keane def. has some rockin' tunage. Look at you with your sweet autographed foto. I'm totally jealous.