Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

Monday, the sisters (and Dave) got together and made the annual pilgrimage to Syracuse and Provo.

We went first to Syracuse and placed some flowers on my grandparents' grave. It already looked beautiful, surrounded by all kinds of flowers and a peacock feather. We put two forget-me-not plants by the gravestone, perfect flowers for the occasion. The city, although it is becoming more and more developed, is still so much like I remember it as a kid. The cemetery still has that field to one side of it like I always remembered. And the new houses that are being built haven't completely taken over the scenery or eliminated the small-town feel.

We did the traditional lunch at Subway and traveled to Provo, where we left more flowers for my other grandparents and uncle.

It doesn't matter how much time goes still stings.

I don't normally think of Memorial Day as a sad day. I don't think it's supposed to be. But there are definitely some strong feelings there when you realize that memories are all you have left of a person.

* * *

Today, Dave, our friend Tyler, and I went on a hike in Lindon. I guess it was my first official hike of the year. I think I did pretty well, and my body feels great after all the climbing, walking, and near-death experiences. Well, not too many of those...but I did wonder once or twice if I'd fall off the edge of a cliff as I tripped or slid on rocks.

I want to go on hikes as often as possible. Dave and I both love nature walks and Dave especially enjoys hiking and pushing his body climbing and such. I'm still not in shape yet, but I'm working on that! I want to go hiking or swimming at least every week.


Chandelle said...

There are so many awesome hiking spots in Utah Valley. I missed places like Bridal Veil and AF Canyon when we moved north.

We definitely have a plan to hike as much as we can around here! Every time I leave the house I see another beautiful spot I want to explore. And we can go swimming every day in the lake! I hope you guys can visit us, because I know you'll fall in love with this place like I have. :)

Jamie said...

I'm sorry it still stings sometimes. It can be very hard to lose the ones you care about. You might think that memories of those who have passed are all you have left of them on this earth, but I believe you will see them again after this life. My testimony of this makes my heart feel a little lighter when I think of the loved ones who have gone before me.