Thursday, July 26, 2007

Making choices can suck

For a year, I've been working the same elementary school cleaning job. It's been very convenient because it is located just a block away from our home. Back when we didn't have a car, it was wonderful to just walk to work and a big load off my mind to not worry about transportation. Dave also worked there for a while, and it has treated us well.

Dave has since quit when we got a car (it's amazing what oppurtunities are suddenly open to you when you have a way to get there) and I've continued to work at the school because he had the car, etc. I started really wanting a change a few months ago--something other than cleaning, something to challenge myself and let me learn new things--but it wasn't an option yet. Now, though, Dave and I have been working out our school and work schedules and it seems like the right time for me to switch jobs.

Dang, I hate starting a new job, but it's definitely the right option. The school had to bring down my hours to two (what they were originally supposed to be from the beginning, but I had taken some of Dave's hours before and worked extra when they were short on help) and so I'm just not making enough for us to live the way we have been. Plus, I want to take more of the responsibility for supporting us. Dave is starting his teaching cohort in the fall and it will be almost impossible for him to work full time. I am going to work enough so that he can go to part time, and then I can still go to school and have time with him.

The job hunt is a hellish journey into the unknown when you don't really have skills. I've had many jobs, yes, but none where I've learned anything besides handling cash and preparing food (and the fast food thing is DEFINITELY not an option again). At first I looked for other cleaning jobs because it's what I know how to do. It's easy and I'm good at it--it's comfortable and safe. But back a few months ago, when I was itching for a change, I was really wanting some kind of office job, like secretarial or something like that. Seeing as I'm not exactly qualified for such a position, I wasn't too successful in finding a job I would be hired for. I still looked and applied.

--What it comes down to is that through all of my searching, two companies have shown serious interest in me. One is a preschool a few miles away. They want to hire me as a housekeeper for the afternoon. It would be different from what I've been doing because there would be more of an order to how I would need to do things, and I'd be under more careful supervision. I'd also be working with and around children, something I'm actually not too keen about (they make me oddly uncomfortable, especially in big groups!). I like the atmosphere, though. It's a happy place (except for occasional screaming) and I would know exactly how to do my job, besides the whole "helping kids use the potty" thing, which I've never done.

--The other possibility is an office position. I would be working as an office assistant for a craft company, a few miles farther away than the other job. I'd be helping with tasks around the office like packing and shipping boxes, entering things into the computer, counting returns, a little bit of customer service, photocopies, and other such things. I have never done any of these things, at least not in a professional setting. I would have to learn everything from the beginning. Unlike the the preschool gig, I would be totally at the bottom of the ladder, knowing nothing. It would indeed be a challenge. It would, however, pay almost a dollar more per hour.

So those are my options. The preshool is ready to hire me right away, while the other place hasn't gotten that far but acts like it is very possible. I'm totally uncertain about which to choose. Do I stay with what's mostly comfortable and learn more about kids, or do I try something new and a little scary and gain office experience? I've been completely stressing over this for the past 24 hours and I still haven't come up with an answer. If you're reading this, any input would be helpful :)

I'm really confused!

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Jamie said...

i'd say, make a list of pros and cons for each position to help you decide which is better for you. i'd also pray about it. good luck!!