Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Saturday

Yesterday was rather busy, at least for a Saturday.

First thing, Dave went to give Plasma (a surprisingly good source of income). As soon as he came home, we rushed off to do our typical weekend grocery shopping (which is always brimming with excitement). It's interesting to observe that we pretty much always grab one of those little baskets to carry all of our groceries in, trying to hide within the lie that we don't buy that much and therefore don't have need for a cart. After we had collected several fruits, vegetables and a carton soymilk, we relented at last to turning in our basket for a shopping cart when we realized we needed a 5lb bag of russet potatoes. Oh, well.

We got back with a little time to spare before we met up with a friend of Dave's from work and his wife and bro-in-law, who had invited us to a movie. We went to see "Transformers" with them. It was lots of fun and defintely action-packed (although I'm sure some of its awesomeness was lost on me since I've never played with the toys or watched the cartoon). After the movie, we concluded that our car, Blanca, was indeed a transformer.

Back at home, we cleaned up the place and such until a mutual friend of ours named Cara, who we hadn't seen in a few years, came to hang out. We talked and ate cookies and had a great time reminiscing and all that.

Around 9:30pm we said goodbye and dashed off to see some fireworks in the city where Dave's family lives. It's a richer town that ours, and believe me when I say that makes all the difference in how good the fireworks actually are. They were really amazing to watch. When they were over, we stuck around for a couple hours and talked and played games with the family. We got home late and didn't get to bed until close to 1am...wonderful when you have 9am church, let me tell you.


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