Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bread Making

We found a breadmaker on Craigslist for $5. I'd been wanting one, always scanning the local thrift stores for them because I'm too cheap to buy a new one, but without success. I'd forgotten about it for a while and lo and behold this one comes along. I mean, $ can't lose, really.

I cleaned the thing out and tried to make my very first loaf of bread. Maybe it's not fair to say that I made it, since the machine did the hard part. But hey, it's still "home made" and all that. I put the ingredients in and and set it up and "ta daaa!"

The first loaf came out flat (too much water?), but I didn't realize that until I made the second one. It came out just about perfect (pictured above ^). The first one tasted great, but the second one was incredible! And nothing beats the smell of bread baking in your apartment!

Tonight I used wheat flour instead of white and added some extra water and got a loaf of whole wheat bread. It didn't taste as good, so I think the recipe needs to be worked with a little (add some honey?). Anyway, this new toy has already paid for itself (I paid the same for it as the cost of two loaves of bread at the store) and it's fun to mess around with.

I can't believe I was able to write that much ^ about a breadmaker.


Jamie said...

we should get together for a picnic! we'll have sandwiches....
you guys make the bread and we'll bring the rest. sound good?

Karen said...

I know! We really should! When the heck should we do it?

(chandelle) said...

is it true that the crust comes out all hard and...crusty...and generally inedible? that's the excuse jeremy uses for why we shouldn't get one. :(

Karen and Dave: said...

Yes, the crust can come out really hard, but not all the time. I've learned that bread making is VERY delicate...if any ingredient is off in the slightest it messes up the bread. But I don't mind that hard crust very much, and sometimes it does come out soft. You should try a bread maker, even if just for fun... you can probably get one at the thrift store for under $10.