Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Plants

We have two pots of luscious green plants on our back porch right now. No, we haven't started growing anything illegal...just vegetables :)

When my Mom and sister came to visit this last May/June, my Mom helped me plant some vegetables. I must be honest, I was pretty excited (I've really never grown anything other than houseplants, which I mostly succeed in killing...hopefully I do better this time)! We got two tomato plants and one pepper plant. We put them in pots and gave them soil and all that stuff, and now, after they've been growing for over a month, it's fun to see how big they're getting.

I'm not so sure we're going to get much of a harvest, but so far we have two tomatoes and some yellow blossom things.

(Look how large the tomato plant on the left is compared to the little one on the right [upper lefthand side of pot])

(The one in the very front is the pepper plant. Right behind it is a potted mini rose that is just kinda hanging out with the other plants...)


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