Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mountain Hike

We ended up spending part of our Saturday hiking in AF Canyon with some of our family. Dave and I did our grocery shopping and errands first and managed to meet with everyone only 45 minutes late :( But it's okay. By the time we got up the mountain, it was the perfect time of day.

(Dave, with people behind him.)

(Dave and our nephew. I know it looks like they are observing some fascinating plant or animal up close, but the truth is that they are staring at horse crap.)

We had a picnic lunch (which was delicious!) and had a great time up there. It was so nice and cool! After the hike we decided to drive up to SLC to try this restaurant called "One World Cafe." It is an interesting is mostly vegan cuisine, and instead of having set prices for the food, they just ask for a decent donation. This means that anyone can afford to eat there. I liked this because it meant that they cared more about making sure that people got fed than about making money.

After Dave and I went home, I went shopping with my sister Jana for a little bit. And...that's about all that happened today.

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