Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday, when Dave came to pick me up from work, instead of letting me hop in he stopped the car and got out. He told me not to look, and while I waited in curiousity he took something out of the back seat. He then lead me to an area with some nice trees and told me to look. What did I see...?

He actually just gave me a dozen red roses for no special reason at all! I was so happy and shocked. I've never been given roses before. It made me feel pretty loved :)

And just as an amusing side note (and because half of them were already strewn about the living room anyway), I took a picture of all of the books I am expected to read this semester. There are a freaking TON of them! Actually, this isn't even ALL of them... but isn't that crazy? Reading still beats doing math, though--by far.


Jamie said...

Dave, that was so sweet of you! Those flowers are beautiful. I'm happy you got such a romantic surprise, Karen! Aren't our men the best? P.S. I also like your playlist and I'm not mad you copied me because I want to know what other people are listening to so I can get introduced to new music!

(chandelle) said...

i hope you are as amazed by viktor frankl's book as i was. it's a beautiful work, if also very tragic.