Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Computer's Terminal Illness

Sorry, but this just isn't a very intense post. I'm warning you now.

Like a month ago, our friend Tyler built a computer for us as a birthday gift for Dave. Previously, we had been using my old computer that I had been using for at least 3 years. Before that it belonged to Larissa and Brian (my sister and her husband) who enjoyed years of use from the machine, and before that it had been used in an office for who know how many years. Basically I'm saying that my computer is pretty much a senior citizen.

We never could put much on old Snowy (my computer) as far as programs were concerned, and the old thing had trouble just playing a music CD. I think we complained about such things to Tyler one too many times, and hence the new computer.

The new computer was awesome since the day we plugged it in. I missed my old one a little, because I have a screwed up way of organizing my files and folders and I was used to it (although I don't know if Dave appreciated it) and it was gone once we started using the new machine because Dave took over transfering and organizing the files. I was just getting used to it, starting to like its little quirks. Then we took it over to Tyler's to get the new processor installed.

We had been using an older, not-so-awesome one until the new one came. We brought the computer to his house, he put the new processor in, and he tested it out.

Our new friend didn't make it.

Despite all the hard work and effort on the part of those more computer-educated than myself, our computer's hard drive died on the operating table. I guess it was just bad to begin with and couldn't handle what had just been done to it.

By this time, Dave was freaking out because he had some important files on the new machine, and it was getting late and he had a lot of homework and such. Thankfully, our friend rescued the crap we needed from the harddrive so Dave wouldn't have to have a breakdown over the lost files. But there was no way to fix the computer that night, and so...

Old Snowy is back! This computer is kind of like an old friend in a way. I've had the darn thing so long and we've been through a lot together. This computer has everything organized Karen style, and it feels like home :)

But anyway, things are being sorted out and hopefully we'll have the other computer back soon, running faster than ever. And what will be Snowy's fate then? The spare bedroom, of course, where it will collect dust and live a disconnected and lonely life. Eh, okay, it's only a computer but I'm trying to be dramatic here. Lucky for us this old computer still had most of our files on it, or else we would have had a lot more heartbreak when the other crashed. :)

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