Friday, August 3, 2007

Dave's Birthday: The Sequel

Last night, we went to Dave's parents' house so we could celebrate Dave's birthday with his family. We had to drive through a blinding downpour to get there, but, dang it, it was worth it! It was great--along with Dave's Mom and Dad, Dan and Jenny were there, and Kathy and Jimmy Jr. too. Oh, and Whitney, of course :)

(Doesn't he look good with a baby? ;) )

We enjoyed dinner, then had cake and ice cream for dessert. It was, of course, cherry chip cake with chocolate frosting--a family tradition! You know, 23 candles are pretty hazardous all on one little cake...

(Thanks for walking the cake over to the table, Dan!)

Dave and Kathy (I had loads of trouble getting the camera to focus yesterday...).

Dan gave Dave an Optimus Prime Transformers toy! Dave finds it quite entertaining indeed.

And, Dave was given the game "Settlers of Catan" from his parents. This game is some serious fun. We became addicted to it when some people from our old ward indroduced it to us, and for over a year we've been wishing we could get it. Yay!

Thanks everyone for making Dave's birthday so freaking wonderful this year!


(chandelle) said...

dang it! i'm so bad about birthdays. i mean, really, it's like a serious problem. i barely remember my own. happy birthday anyway, dave, and sorry we're such losers. :(

Karen and Dave: said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm bad with birthdays, too...