Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Farmer's Market Adventure

I recently re-discovered that there is a Farmer's Market that is held in a park only a few miles away from our apartment. Dave and I have been to another one that is like 40 miles away, and it was awesome and huge with tons of selection but it was really crowded and, again, far away.

So since we were out and about the city anyway, we dropped by the market for a few minutes. It was starting to close down for the day, and there were only a few tents still up. I wonder if it is really that small, or if most of the vendors had already left? Still, we found a couple of good stands (although most were for arts and crafts and not produce) and bought a tomato, a new potato (that's what they're called), some apples, and a delicious-smelling vine-ripened cantaloupe. The zucchinni in the picture were from a friend's garden, which means all of that produce was locally grown. I feel proud of myself, because I have been interested in buying more local fruits and vegetables lately. Who knows how far the broccoli I buy at Albertson's has really traveled, and what kind of a toll the necessary transportation has had on the environment and whatnot. Besides--I really like supporting local businesses and farms.

In other news...

Things are a little different now than a week ago. I started a new job that will (hopefully) be quite temporary, since it is a lot like my old job only I actually have to work with people (who are often quite odd) and deal with a more set schedule. I wanted a bigger change than this. It kind of sucks, I can't lie. But is it close by and at least I'm making money.

Also, I am planning on going to at least one day of Education Week at the Y this year. I haven't been able to go for a couple of years, and the experience has always been good when I've been able to attend. Mostly it's just a blast to hang out with my family. Jana should be coming with me, and Dave is likely to come to at least a few classes. So I'm excited.

We are planning on going to a play tonight in Sandy, too--Attie (our awesome friend) had some extra tickets for "Beauty and the Beast" that her family couldn't use (lucky her--she's at the Shakespearian Festival!). It should make for a fun date!


(chandelle) said...

yeah, that's the one thing i don't like about our market. we drove around for like 20 minutes this past saturday looking for a parking spot and it's just so overwhelming trying to look at stuff or coomunicate with the farmers with so many people around. it's the one place we bother grappling with a stroller; we tried to just walk with isaiah the first week and he was really nervous being around so many people and i was scared of how easy it would be to lose him in the crowd. it's quite a trade-off to get such amazing selection with sucha large amount of people.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I just have to say that that big cucumber just looks sexual. hahaha!

Karen and Dave: said...

It's actually a zucchini...and that's just they way they tend to look :)