Friday, August 31, 2007

Nerdiness, and this week

I am nerdier than 11% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

(Karen's score...maybe Dave will do better? Haha.) Found this on Mike and Jamie's blog, and it was good times.

This week has been a mixture of many things. It didn't start off too great...kind of depressing, for various reasons. And then there's school, which added unneeded stress. Dave thought he had a big paper due yesterday, and so he stayed up late working on it when it wasn't actually due until NEXT week. (hey, at least it's done now.) I've been freaking out for him, because I figured that if that much was expected on the first couple days of school, what about the rest of the semester? Would we ever get time together NOT studying? But it's okay now.

I am taking a few interesting classes. Actually, all of them are. My intention was to take my last math and english classes and be done with my associates THIS semester, but there was one little problem. I went to math and found out my teacher was Polynesian. Nothing wrong with that, but he has an ACCENT and I CAN'T understand what the crap he is saying 1/3 of the time. This would be okay in another class, but not in math. I went the second day, hoping for a miracle. Nope. What was I supposed to do? There was no other math class to switch into-everything was already full. So I made a choice--spring semester, I will take math instead and have that be the semester I finish my degree. It may be the only class I take, but it will be easier on me that way (I have a lot of trouble with math, generally, so taking it as my only class would alleviate stress). Finishing in spring was the original plan anyway, so it's no big deal.

So instead, I am taking 3 non-math classes: Shakespeare, Speed Reading (and studying), and Sociology of the Family. All three should be great...well, the Speed Reading is questionable, but that was just a filler class anyway :) I'm excited about my classes, though.

It's Friday, and I'm so glad this week went fast. It's time for it to end. And as a reward, it's a 3-day weekend! Later.


Jamie said...

i can totally relate to you. i dropped math my first semester at the U of U because the teacher was from a spanish speaking country and his accent was very thick. i opted to take it the following semester and lo and behold, my next teacher was from africa with an even harder to understand accent. not only that but he confused several english words with other words, so it was a miracle i did as well as i did in that class. so, i guess all the people who are good at math are from foreign countries.... :) unfortunately i couldn't put it off another semester, so i just had to endure it and try my best to understand. good luck next semester!!!

(chandelle) said...

try learning spanish from a person with a very thick chinese accent. :) that was too big of a challenge for me.

Dan said...

holy cow - my nerd score is 24
Kathy got 25
Dad got a 16
Jenny GOT A 1
and MOM - got a whopping 75!!!
I kid you not!