Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yesterday, and a new toy

(apple tree...I really wanted to pick that apple and eat it, not photograph it, but...)

(Dave and little Ves, looking so darn cut!)

Dave's parents are up at the family cabin, and a few of the kids came over to the house and had dinner and stuff. Dave made home-made pizza and all was fun. Too bad we never got to that Poker game, or Settlers of Catan.

(Whitney. This is a glamour shot of her.)


At the school where I work, there is a ton of surplus stuff that teachers don't want. Most of the time, these items go to away to the district's surplus if no one at the school wants them. I image it to be a giant warehouse or something like that. But there was an old autoharp amongst the stuff and I have wanted one of these instruments for years. I am not a musical person, but part of me believed that I would indeed be willing to learn how to play if I could get my hands on one.

Well, the principal let me take it, even though the autoharp technically should be accounted for and given back to surplus. But seriously, it has been around so long, who is still keeping track of it?! I'm so surprised that I ended up with this--they can be pretty expensive (although the old one I got probably isn't worth too much).


Jamie said...

just wanted to thank you two for the wonderful company the other night. dave, you make great pizza! those pictures of you with vessel were really sweet. you guys will be cute parents. good luck learning the autoharp karen!

Karen and Dave: said...

Thanks so much :)