Thursday, August 23, 2007

Education Week 2007

After Dave left for his mission, I kept telling him (er, writing him) that I wanted to take him to Education Week, which happens every year at a certain university close by (certainly you can guess which :). I have been attending almost every year since I turned 15 or so, and although it has not always been so fun for me (you know teenagers) I have been wanting to go very much the past few years.

Dave missed it the year he came home from the mission by maybe a day, and the next year we were newly married and way too poor to afford it. But this year, even though it looked impossible, we still picked a day and were able to pack as much Education Week goodness into it as possible. Dave and I were both able to get work off, and school didn't start until the next day. We had just one day to make the most of it.

On Tuesday, Dave, Jana and me found ourselves on the crowded campus with hundreds of class options to choose from. We arrived around 10am and didn't go home until nearly 10pm (I meant it when I said that we had to pack everything in). We went to some fun classes, some uplifting classes, and some downright boring classes, but it was a great time and was much enjoyed by all. We ate delicious food, indulged in fudge and those infamous cinnamon bears, and cruised the bookstore. It was a lovely experience, and I defininitely feel like I have been rejuvenated, even if only a little bit.


School started this week. I had forgotten the stress that comes with Fall semester. There are SO many people there, and then there is the craziness of buying textbooks and that last-minute rush to change classes. Stress, stress, stress. And, I find myself with this overwhelming desire to put off or change my math class for various reasons. I dont' know what I'll do. I haven't settled in to all the changes yet, so I guess I need to give things a chance before I freak out. Dave is, of course, transitioning beautifully to the new schedule. Sometime I wonder if anything really worries him. I am flipping out about studying and understanding what I'm trying to learn and having breakdowns right and left, but he manages to succeed in his classes with little effort and minimal studying. He just started his cohort for the Education program, and he is very excited.

As an added bonus for reading this blog entry, here is a camera phone picture of Karen being the Queen of the Ducks.

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