Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Junk and Swimming

(This is the current view from the front window of our apartment. Notice that the contents of an entire living room set are sitting out there in from of our dumpster. We could freakin' open up our own RC Willey!)

Well, I never claimed that we didn't live in a crappy apartment complex. We are honestly grateful just to be here, but it does come with its own set of issues, one of them being that people who move think it's okay to just leave the stuff they don't want to haul with them in front of the dumpster. That's not allowed--it is stated in the apartment rules--but it happens regularly anyway. The biggest issue is that the garbage people won't take it unless it is IN the dumpster. Most of the stuff in the photo has been there for nearly 2 weeks now.


Dave and I went swimming at a nearby public pool today. I hadn't been to an outdoor public pool for years, and never with Dave (other than the rec center or at Larissa's apartment). This was a full-blown, huge pool with waterslides, diving boards, kiddie play areas, and yes--one of those giant water mushrooms.

(this is a picture of the pool from their website)

This particular pool even had a "lazy river" area where there was a current that would take you around in circles. We had a BLAST together and would have stayed longer if the weather hadn't gotten scary. When the wind blows and you're standing in line for the slide, it is FREEZING against your wet skin, hair and bathing suit.


Anonymous said...

wow - the apartment managers should get rid of that junk so you don't have to look at it all the time. It IS their job after all.

swimming sounds fun.

mom B

Karen and Dave: said...

Haha...well, the update is that most of it is gone now. Only part of the sofa and some box springs remain :)