Friday, August 10, 2007

End of Summer Semester

Whew! Summer semester is always a little stressful simply because the classes are squished to fit into a shorter amount of time. This means longer class periods and more homework with less time than normal to finish assignments. BUT... Dave and I just completed our summer classes, and I'm pleased to say we did quite well. Heck, I even got an "A" on the world's most BS'D 5-page essay.

We will both be attending this fall. Dave will be starting his teaching cohort, and I will be (slowly but surely) finishing my English Associates. I can't lie and say that I feel as accomplished about my academic progress as Dave must feel about his, but at least I've worked hard and will have proof that I competed some college with a paper in my hand that says I did it. I am still trying to decide what I may want to get a Bachelors degree in. I mean, I'd say English, but I'm not crazy about writing papers and I don't think it is a degree that will get me far when it comes to a career.

Anyway, the two of us will be invovled in school and working part-time. Dave will remain at Woodcraft, and I am pleased to say that, after over a year working there, I am finally leaving Westmore School. I have a couple of job prospects, and hopefully the job I get doesn't include cleaning (which isn't really so bad, just mind-numbingly boring), but what can you do? :) I have been wanting a change for months now and at last the change is here! Whatever it is, I'll be happy.


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